Monday, 21 June 2010


We have had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did as well. We all drove to Norfolk on Saturday, as my husband had a meeting with a bride and groom, whose wedding he will be photographing next weekend. It is quite an exciting wedding, as it's not the traditional ceremony, that we all know. They are having a hand fastening, in the open air, in this lovely opening in a woodland, with arches made of branches, and lovely small marquees. There will be a harpist, a jester, to entertain, a kaleigh, and if the air is still Chinese lanterns! I will not be there, but I certainly look forward to viewing the photos.

On the way back, to make a day of it (the weather was a bit variable, sun, wind and rain) we saw one of those brown attraction road signs on route, that said World Horse Welfare. So we thought, why not. It's always a risk, as you can never be sure quite how many miles your detour will take to get you to your surprise venue. Luckily, the Horse farm was straight off the main road, in a beautiful setting. There is a visitor centre (which still had the heating on! heaven), a cafe, and an indoor training room for the horses. We were lucky enough to witness a horse being trained in how to walk, trot, cantor etc.

a very friendly horse

We also walked around the stables (all immaculate and clean) and the paddocks (again, in beautiful condition). They are a charity that rescues badly treated horses, and they rehabilitate them, and get them healthy again. They also loan out their horses, which is where I presume they make a lot of their money to run the charity with. All the horses in the stables had their stories and photos on a board, and some were found in absolutely horrific circumstances. The horses were now unrecognisable, as they looked so fit and healthy, with beautiful coats. They also help horses around the world, and train people in how to make saddles, and what is and is not suitable for a horse to wear, pull and do. We were all very impressed.

Then on Sunday, which was Father's Day, we all had a lazy morning. I made waffles for brunch, which everyone loves with maple syrup. I use a recipe from Rachel Allen's Bake book, which is a baking book that I would highly recommend. Everything that I have made from it has come out beautifully, and tastes great.

I took the children to the park twice. Once, after waffles but before lunch, and then again in the evening, when we all went, including their dad!

our eldest enjoying the best of the summer days

The rose garden is at its most magnificent this time of year. I find the roses stunning. I love the deep pink roses. The scent from the flowers is intoxicating. The parks have made a map of all the roses within the garden, so if one takes your fancy, you can find out what it is and purchase it from a nursery.

All in all it was a great weekend. My husband is working flat out at the moment, setting up his photography business, and with work as well.

I hope your weekend was a good as ours!

Photos by my dearest hubby.

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