Wednesday, 3 November 2010

homemade home

Kirstie's Homemade Home is back on TV and I thought I would do a quick review, as it's a slightly different format to the first series. The first series should Kirstie learning new crafts to decorate her "Meadowgate" home with. It was quite in depth with seeing how you do blacksmithing, knitting, stained glass window making etc.

This time Kirstie is helping a different family a week. So the first family had an amazing 6 bedroom Victorian house that they had bought 18 months ago and it needed a lot of T+C. As this programme wasn't DIY SOS, Kirstie ignored the kitchen and bathroom, and focused on their hallway and a study/ office.

So with a trip to a huge second hand market and a salvage yard, period furniture and fittings were picked up.

The couple got to make some wrought iron bookends, a stained glass window for their door and some lovely curtains.

Kirstie met crocheting/ knitting legend Erika Knight, who had a tiny bit of screen time. Erika seemed to do all the work, crochet wasn't coming naturally to Kirstie last night!

The couple's hallway and study looked fantastic after they had renovated and decorated it with all their newly made things, and vintage furniture.

All in all there was so much crammed in, nothing was covered in as much detail as the first series.

I believe that Manda from Treefall blog is featured in the series as an expert. I'm not sure what project she is doing, but that'll be nice to see her in "real life". It's great that there is a mainstream craft programme on primetime TV, I'm sure it's very inspiring to a lot of people.
On the site is a sweet knitted house tea cosy tutorial.
All photos courtesy of Channel 4.
My brother in law, ran the 10k, at the weekend. He did it in an impressive 1hr15mins. And has raised well over his £100 target to cancer Research.
I was too tired to quilt last night, so piccies should be on here soon!

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