Sunday, 14 November 2010

jewelled delights

It was my birthday on the 5th November, and my sister made for me these wonderful necklaces and bracelets. They all came wrapped beautifully inside the box above.

I love this simple, classic purple and silver necklace. Not the best photo, but it looks great in reality.

Take a look at these amazing orange, red and brown beads for my autumnal beaded necklace. My sister has done an amazing job sourcing all these cool beads. I love the middle bobbly bead above!

And look at the opulence of those red and gold beads, fantastic. Somehow, I have failed to take a photo of the entire thing, but it's brilliant, trust me.
This is my silver charm style bracelet, which I love. Great day or night, sufficiently sparkly for either time! I especially love the super glittery balls and the hammered silver hearts.
This is my blue glass beaded bracelet. Again photo issues, so expect to see this again soon! It's so nice though.
Here is my blue disc necklace, which i have round my neck as I type! A Grecian feel to it maybe?

This is my blue beaded necklace, again, beads that are good enough to eat!

A further close up of yumminess.
I think my sister has made some gorgeous pieces for me. She has sourced some amazingly beautiful beads from around the globe. I believe she may start an online shop. If you want to encourage her, send me a comment and I'll pass them onto her!
My jewellery box is now overflowing!
UPDATE: I should clarify, my sister is looking at selling jewellery that she makes (not individual beads)

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KL said...

Gorgeous! I especially love the disc necklace, and the charm bracelet. Maybe your sister should start an etsy shop for her finished items, as well as selling the beads!