Thursday, 20 September 2007

Busy Day

Today at my son's school, was an Eco day, and they were having a fair at the end of the day. So I made a Victoria Sponge cake, from Nigella Lawson's How to Eat book, and some summer berry muffins, from my friend Louise's recipe, which uses just about every known measuring device known to man. I'll share it with you one day soon.

I also made a shopper bag, from Danielle Proud's book House Proud. The instructions were pretty good, although the handles took far too long to make, with turning them inside out. She tells you to sew one end, but it's better not to, so you get a neater edge when you sew them on the bag. Still it's an interesting book, with some practical projects in (reupholstery).

Here are my collection of doorstops!

Shopper Bag

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MrsB said...

Hey, your muffins look really tasty, you'll have to post the recipe :) I tried making cranberry muffins last night but I got the recipe from a low fat cook book and they aren't as good as normal muffins! Did everyone like them?

craftyclaire said...

These are popular, my friend Louise gave me the recipe and she always puts in different fillings and they are gorgeous. I tend to buy frozen summer berries and use them,I will post the recipe v soon. Claire

MrsB said...

hey, thanks for posting the muffin recipe, i will try and make some soon!