Sunday, 9 September 2007

Bunting and other things

I've just had my post deleted, before I published, so I'll start again, except it's probably not as good! This time I'm publishing as I go.

Anyway, as I was typing, last night my husband was out to a gig (The Police) so I took advantage of the children in bed, and some peace and quiet and got out my sewing machine. I wanted to finish my
chicken. Anyway, I cracked on with it, and managed to muck it all up! I decided to put in a velcro opening, rather than sewing it all up, after my sister had scared me about rice going off after a few years. Well, I should have sewed the velcro in first, not last, so that doesn't look so great. Also I've managed to make my triangles go skewiff so it all needs to be redone. However, my son likes it, so I do have a happy customer. (thankfully 4 year olds aren't too picky!)

I bought a few weeks ago from Bert's Homestores on George St, Hove some bunting. I finally got round to personalising it with some brightly coloured felt for my baby, Samuel. I was pleased with how that came out. I just used fabric glue that I got in Hobbycraft.

I also bought him some letters for his bedroom door.

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I made Sam, a lovely hat from Debbie Bliss' book Baby Knits for Beginners, before he was born. That came out really well, I also made a gorgeous multi-coloured blanket from the book as well. I would recommend that book.

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Tonight I've been going through the massive pile of boxes that we still have to get through since moving in April. I finally managed to liberate the box with all my sewing stuff in, that my husband had put at the back. For that, I refused to end some things for him! My knitting box is at the bottom of another pile, but after moving around several heavy boxes, I gave that up for another day.

I thought I'd share a nifty product with you which are my plug icon stickers. I bought them at the Design Museum in London quite a long time ago (6/7 years) so I don't know if they still sell them, not on their website. I just really like them, and they are v useful in multisockets.

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RachFin said...

Great Blog!

Love the bunting. Very pretty.

Your tips and links are very useful.

craftyclaire said...

thank you