Thursday, 27 September 2007

Purses & Pouches

These are the two zippered pouches that I made today. The green corduroy one from Cynthia Treen's book. I was pleased with that. It was v quick to make, her instructions are very very clear, and I find the illustrations easy to understand. There's no lining in this one so I didn't have that extra hassle, but I do need to overcome that. Looking at it, I could make it longer to make it a pencil case. The shop I bought the material from is in Hove, called Fabric Remnants, and it is closing down, so everything is pretty good value. Zips were 30p, and the corduroy was £6 a metre, I only got 1/4 though!

The stripey pouch, was harder, I didn't like doing the lining by hand, that seems to not give as good a finish as machine sewing, that was the Bend the Rules book, which I didn't see any bending of the rules in this pattern! Still the more things I make and do, the better I'm going to get.
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Angela said...

Claire, they look great. Sewing is the one thing that I wish I was better at. I stumbled on your blog the other day while I was looking for tips on making door stops (yours looking fab by the way) keep posting those great pictures.

craftyclaire said...

Thank you very much, I do plan to write up a Doorstop tutorial, as I had to make quite a few to get the dimensions right. I found a 10cm x15cm rectangle takes nearly 2kg rice, and holds most doors open. (My home doors are heavy) but I'd advise you to test this out by seeing how many bags of rice (or whatever) you need to keep your doors open!