Monday, 29 March 2010

Loving London

On Saturday, I woke up early, walked to the train station and got on the fast train to Victoria, London. Then of course, I had to make my way over to King's Cross, to meet my sister, who had got the train down from Leeds for the day (2.5hr journey). Of course the tube line I needed wasn't working, as they were doing repairs on it! But never mind, I made it via the Picadilly and District lines instead!

Once I met my sister, she was having a to do updating her Oyster card, we got on a bus, and made our way over to the Business Design Centre in Islington for the Country Living Spring Fair!

It was pretty busy, and so many stall holders! We'd only been there an hour when we felt we needed a sit down at the Yorkshire Tea Cafe! They are part of Bettys (the most amazing tearooms in various Yorkshire towns).

Once we'd been revived, we continued our look around, not quite believing how many stalls there were. We picked up some nice greetings cards each (it was 10 for £5, so we split it!) and we both bought some prints from an artist called Clinton Banbury, I bought one for my children's room, (see above) I'm slowing adding art to their walls. My sister also bought a piece of art from an artist called Iona Mackenzie Laycock.

I picked up a small milk jug from Beverley Hewitt Designs all made here in the UK, in Stocke on Trent, the pottery capital of Britain. So next time I make some of my lovely scones, make tea in the tea pot, I've got a nice jug for my milk.

I also picked up some decopatch items, for the children to do in the holidays. I chose their names (well I used their shortened names, as it was getting a bit costly!) and some suitable coloured paper, and the glue. Basically it's a special waxy paper, that won't tear, when you add the glue. The glue is a glue and a varnish all in one, so how can the kids go wrong!!!?!!

My sister was very tempted by some London cushions from the Jan Constantine company. They were very nice indeed, but I felt beyond my embroidery/ applique level! Also they were v expensive.

But we had a great day, and it was nice to be in the capital and see my sister. She then hopped on the train home, and was going out that evening with friends in Leeds, and I headed home to Brighton, back to my family!

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