Wednesday, 3 March 2010

save 6 music!

I know this blog is about making things, but while I'm making things I like listening to the radio, one station I listen to a lot of BBC 6 Music (digital and online). It basically plays the best music from all decades (you know, the stuff that isn't played on all the commercial stations, but stuff from seriously talented musicians who do it their way, not the way of Simon Cowell and all the other big talent-free record companies.)

anyway, the BBC want to cut back so have decided to cut 2 radio stations, 6 music and the Asian Station. Shame on them. They are a public service broadcaster, paid for by the British people.

So if you like the station, the music it puts out, the knowledgable presenters then sign up at the following places:

sign here and join this on Facebook and join the twitter campaign as well!
Thank you!!!!

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