Monday, 23 August 2010

Austin 7

I was lucky enough to go for a ride this weekend in a 1930 Austin 7. (The one above is not my friends, but an image from here.) It was the most incredible experience.
The car was exactly 80 years old, and it was in great condition. It is navy blue like the one pictured, and is a convertable. The roof was off, and we had a blast. Going at 15 miles an hours in one of those, feels like 40 miles an hour in a modern car!
The car belongs to our friends, who bought it earlier this year. Apparently there is still a surprising number of them around. We drove it to Anne Boyleyn's former home, Blickling Hall, where we had a picnic and a lovely afternoon. (Apparently Anne's ghost is there!)
We were in Norwich for the weekend, where was warm and dry (unlike my home town which was cold and wet!). We had a lovely break, sharing a great weekend with good friends.

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