Saturday, 21 August 2010

burda style magazine

I have just bought my first issue of Burda Style Magazine (I'm a user of their website), and have been very impressed. I was looking for patterns for work clothes, see what you think!

I like the way they lay out the contents in a really clear way, so at a glance you can see the designs and what page they are on. It makes it easy to work out of the issue is one for you as well. At nearly £5 it's not the cheapest sewing magazine, but the best one I've picked up for clothes patterns (apart from Ottobre Magazine that I subscribe to).

So flicking through the workwear photoshoots, I can see myself in quite a few of these garments:

This coat is effortless and looks smart enough for the office for autumn (before I need my wool winter coat)

I wanted a grey wool skirt with folds/ pleats in, that looks a bit special. I've only seen ones like this in designer's collections (not on the high street) I think this skirt should be knee length and then it would look great. It looks a little too long for me here, verging on frumpy length.

This skirt is a runner up, but if I made it, I would miss off the hip pockets. Again I like the folds in it.

I like this top, but don't know if I would bother making it.

I like the pencil skirt, it looks really sharp and polished. Very nice indeed.

And if I was going to a ball this dress is gorgeous!

The preview shots for the September edition look pretty strong as well.

This dress has caught my eye. I think it looks great.

There might be some nice skirts from this shoot.

I'm loving the gold leaf on this bag. A bit of autumnal cheer!

As you might expect with a magazine like this, the patterns are a nightmare, as they are printed on top of each other. Extracting a pattern from this has never been an enjoyable thing to do for me. I do think I will persevere, and give one of the skirts a go to start with.

But to sum up, I was impressed. These are professionally put together designs, that I would be proud to wear.


KC'sCourt! said...

It is an excellent magazine. I have many old ones mainly in German but you can still understand the patterns even if you don't understand the language. You don't know if they still produce their Anna Burda magazine to do you that was main needlework and toy making that is also excellent too.
Julie xxxxxx

Trixie Rocket said...

I've been buying this magazine for a few months but only just got around to tracing a pattern. It was quite fiddly and I've since decided that the patterns aren't enough my style to justify the extra effort. I've seen some beautiful clothes made up from burda though so good luck!