Saturday, 11 September 2010

saturday things

Everyone in my house is ill (some horrible tummy bug) which has kept me very busy this week, with the Dettol spray and disinfectant.

I decided to bring some cheer to myself, by purchasing a few necessary but top quality supplies this morning.

First was a trip to my local deli, where they had just received their delivery of bread from Real Pattisserie . I picked up a delicious Farmhouse Cob (the kind of addictive loaf you can eat in a day) and some gorgeous chocolate macaroons.

Yes they were as good as they look! Sorry picture not in focus, clearly couldn't keep my hands steady in anticipation! I'm pleased to say that they tasted great with a cup of tea.

Then to Miss Mole's for some flowers. Aren't they amazing?

I have forgotten their name, but they are from the proteas family. I think it's a Leucospermum from a bit of googling.

I also picked a bumper crop of tomatoes from our 3 plants. I have to say I wasn't that happy with the yellow ones, they were not as good as the other 2 varieties in taste or texture.

I hope you have a great weekend too, full of fun and fantastic things.

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