Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sewing Table

I do not have a designated sewing area in my home and I am always envious of anybody who has a room for their hobbies (I can only dream!). At the moment, if I want to sew I have to do it on the dining table, which as anyone else who does that knows, is not very practical.

I had been thinking of getting a folding sewing table for a while. The SewEzi table was one I had seen online, but not in person. But with all the uncertainty over my husband's job I put it to the back of my mind.

It now has a rival, from Horn. The Horn Hideaway, model #33. It also does a cut out for your machine to slot into, so you get a larger sewing area, great for quilting (same as the SewEzi). It is a similar price (currently £159). It comes in either oak or white.

From the dimensions, the Horn slightly longer by about 17cm.

If you have experience of either the SewEzi or the Horn table please let me, and the other blog readers know of your experience with it. My birthday is coming up, so this could be a great present for me!

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KL said...

No pearls of wisdom to offer, but just wanted to sympathise with you about the dining-table sewing area. I have the same predicament. And this week, dd has GCSE textiles coursework deadline, so I haven't been able to get near my dining table since Sunday a.m, either for eating on, or for sewing myself!!