Friday, 1 October 2010

lovely films

As Autumn has arrived (proof I’m wearing tights for the first time in 7 months), it’s time to plan for our shorter and colder days ahead. I like nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa and all watching a film together. I don’t know what we’ll be watching yet, some old films and some new gems to be discovered.

This has made me take stock of what I have enjoyed recently. My old list ran something like Usual Suspects, Good Fellas, Cinema Paradiso, When Harry Met Sally,, Fargo. Most of the films that are my favourite were made in the last century, mainly in the 1980s or early 90s.

I think it’s time for a new list.

I’ve probably missed loads of films out but here are some that I’ve really enjoyed and been impressed by in the last decade. Although I have to admit most of them were made in the last 3 or 4 years. I think we missed a lot of films from 2003 onwards (when our eldest child was born) until we got Lovefilm in 2007! Please fill me in on my gaping hole of a film memory!

Possibilities for All Time Favourites:

Moon: Fantastic, atmospheric, psychological, perfect

Juno: Funny, smart, heart warming take of teenage pregnancy!

Kick-Ass : I liked the crazy violence, the humour, the fact it had a big heart. The writing, the performance, the direction.

Stardust : fantastic modern fairy tale. It was brilliant. All the characters, such humour, brilliant.

Little Miss Sunshine

Highly recommended and commended

Me and Orson Welles: The old world charm. The craziness of being young and being with a big headed star.

Damed United: love the tale, Brian Clough, what a legend

Adventureland, I enjoyed the nostalgia, the capturing of youth, the inexperience, the half way house between childhood and adulthood.

17 again: Surprise contender, but for what it was, it was done well (favourite character was the Dad’s best friend!)

City of God: arresting

Brokeback Mountain

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Totally delightful. See it if you haven’t yet.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? : Hilarious.

George Clooney Films: Burn After Reading, Good Night & Good Luck, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Michael Clayton

Childrens Films


Curse of the Wererabbit – Wallace and Gromit

Nanny McPhee

Studio Ghibli Films



Nim’s Island



Let me know your favourites and any you would recommend!

Have a lovely weekend, we’re away, as we’re off to a party in Leeds.

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Magic Ding said...

WALL-E, one of my all time favourites. And 'Short Circuit',which is filmed on 1986. The main role is a robot very identified as Wall-E. It is quite a fun and touching story.