Wednesday, 20 October 2010

quilt front woo hoo

I know it's been a longtime coming, but here is my quilt front. I'm not 100% sure about the orange, but I'm hoping when it's quilted and washed, it will sit a little better!!! In a bright room, it's too loud, but when it's dark ie bedtime, it looks ok!

It's all Amy Butler Midwest Modern. I seemed to have a load of this in my cupboard, left over from other projects, some cut into small pieces. I had to come up with the best layout for it. I decided to go for a busy all over print design, as I've grown to like them in recent years (although simplicity and modern designs tend to inspire me more).

The back is being pieced together also from the Midwest Modern design, but more of the green and pink shades, with a bit of the brown/ orange thrown in to make it cohesive. They are all cut into 5" wide pieced strips. I've got a plain yellow (school bus yellow?) to go with it. I'm still umming and ahhing over pattern design.

Should I make all of the planned back pieces into a quilt top, and just back the quilt with plain fabric? Not sure, not sure.

So far, I've tried to make the backs as good as the front, ie 2 quilts in one. This doesn't seem to be what anyone else does! The fabric is expensive, the time taken on this ridiculous (too much internal debating, which is still going on), the quilts are being made just as spare blankets, although there is another option, I'm weighing up currently (keeping that secret). Yet again decisions decisions! There is this to inspire me and this and this! Thank you Moda Bakeshop!

I've got visitors for the next 3 weeks, so I doubt I'll be doing any sewing, anyway! More time to spend thinking about it then.

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