Monday, 25 October 2010

weekend randomness

We went on a family wander through our local park yesterday. It was a beautiful, but chilly, autumnal day. We are capturing the changing colours of the leaves before they all drop.

I love the colours that you see all around at this time of year. It's like summer giving us one last fling.

Bright colours to keep smiles on our faces, even though I could no longer feel my hands.

Fun around the clocktower. Where endless battles are fought.

Always full on fighting with branches and swords.

Beautiful ironwork to enjoy the "secret garden" through.

Stunning skies, against an interesting skyline.

And a rest in the "snake" tree.

I hope you too captured some good weather and good times this weekend as well.

(all photos taken on random with the hipstamatic app - that is everywhere right now!)

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