Friday, 22 October 2010

ingenious children

I love the way if my children don't have something, they make it for themselves out of what they already have.

Lately my eldest has been really impressing us with his creations.

He was very ill at the start of term, and he watched Spiderwick on dvd at home. He was really inspired by the film, and he set about making his own Spiderwick Field Journal, using the DVD extras as a guide.

For a boy who begrudgingly writes, this was brilliant!

Next are the never ending lego models. He's creating his own army here.

And after this week's swimming lesson, he had accomplished a few new moves, so he decided he needed some swimming badges to mark the occassion! From left to right, Pencil Jump, Swimming Unaided with a float, Mushroom Float and a Starfish Float.


Rachel F said...

Loving my nephews ingenuity.

KL said...

Just loving the swimming badges! I'm going to show them to my son. By the way would you recommend Spiderwick? I don't know it; is it suitable for someone just 8?

craftyclaire said...

My son is7.5 and at first he made me sit next to him but then he relaxed and loved it. I only got it because he'd seen it at his grandparents . He is a little young but he loves dr who. If I'd have seen it first I probably would have waited a bit longer. I wouldn't let him watch coraline. It's tricky. I think it's ok for 8 to 9 yr olds if they enjoy that kind if slightly scary film. PG rating can be tricky.