Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dacia Ray's Peace & Quiet Book

One of the lovely blogs that I read, Dacia Ray, has just shown her beautiful peace and quiet book that she has lovingly made for her son. Dacia has kindly let me share her book with you, enjoy her craftmanship and please go and read her post here.

Quiet Time Book

I have seen soft books in shops to buy, but nothing as personal and special as this. If I had seen this a few years ago I would have made one for my children. It truly is a work of art, a very special book indeed.

Quiet Time Book


Quiet Time Book


As Dacia mentions she was inspired not only from her own childhood book that she had, but also from Empty Bobbins, Moda Bakeshop and Posie Gets Cozy.

Quiet Time Book

Learn how to tie a lace

Quiet Time Book

Learn how to dress yourself!

I think this would be a beautiful thing to make for your own child or grandchild. If anyone else has links to other "peace and quiet" books let me and Dacia know!

Serious Bit:
Dacia gave her kind permission for me to reproduce her photos, they are her copyright, and can only be used with her written permission.


Dacia said...

so glad you liked the book enough to re-post it!

craftyclaire said...

Thank you again, Dacia, for allowing me too. It was just so beautiful I felt I had to spread your lovely creation.