Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sponsored 10k run

I would love to be telling you that I'm doing a 10k run, but I'm not! However, my lovely brother-in-law is, around Harewood House in Leeds, on 31st October for Cancer Research UK. His mother died of cancer 20 years ago. If you want to donate please do, his page is here. You can Gift Aid it as well if you are a UK tax payer. The minimum is £2.

I hope this is ok to put here, but having had cancer in both my husband's family and also my brother-in-law's family, plus friends' families it's a cause that I do give to. And I'm always impressed with anyone who can run further than 20 paces (my current ability!).

Apart from that I hope everyone is feeling lovely and happy today. It's yet another beautifully sunny day, which I have to cherish and enjoy, before the sludgy grey winter is upon us!


By the way on a crafty update, I am desperate to be sewing, but this full time working malarkey and kids not getting to sleep till 8:30pm, means I'm shattered. I'm not physically able to get the sewing machine out at 9pm. Know what I mean? Of course, this hasn't stopped my fabric buying for the 2 quilts I am planning for my boys! Quilty Pleasures, lives up to its name!

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