Thursday, 16 September 2010


I've been a bit remiss recounting what we did over our short (10 days) summer break. We snatched a week and a half away in Yorkshire, before returning to work.

We took my father with us on a trip to the York Maze, which is a brilliant day out. The theme of this year's maze was the Battle of Britain. The maze was in the shape of a Spitfire plane. The maze took 1.5 hours or so to do. We ate our lunch in the picnic area in the middle of the maze, which was nice, apart from the wasps! Then the boys spent the rest of the time there playing on their play equipment and feeding the farm animals! They had a great time.

After the maze, we went to my dad's allotment. He always saves some vegetables or fruit for my children to dig up and pick when they visit. They do enjoy doing that, especially as we live in a flat, with not much growing room. Certainly no opportunities to get a spade into the ground for some decent digging.

Steve took the triptych, which I love. I think it sums it up.

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