Wednesday, 12 January 2011

corners of my home

We have been looking for new bedding for well over a year now. I have the (good) problem of having a husband who is interested in design and by that has a say in what we buy. Although by and large we sing from the same hymn sheet so we have never had an argument over our choices. It can be tricky choosing some things such as bedding. I wanted something bright and cheery but it had to appeal to both of us. He doesn't want anything overly feminine or flowery and I don't want anything that is too sharp, graphically speaking.

But sometimes the wait just gets a bit too long. You know what I mean? And our old duvet cover had seen better days, so I binned it. Then we took over the guest bed linen. So I had to replace that!
photo from KAS website

I had a look in the Xmas sales and saw this set by an Australian brand called KAS and their range called Cruz. What I liked about it was all the colours, the design, slightly tribal, and the fact it would match the curtains (a plain silk effect plum/ aubergine colour). I showed the husband, and he said "buy it" so the deal was done!

Of course I could have gone cushion mad, as per their very pretty set up, but budget and so on has stopped me doing that!

This is our more simple set up.

I need to buy some coordinating fitted sheets and pillow cases, and then we are good to go! Apart from new light shade, a rug, side lights, painting the room, art on walls etc. It really is never ending.


Rachel F said...

Love KAS. Hubby and I both found one in range we liked in Selfridges but left it there as too expensive. Lovely pattern. Enjoy using it.

Paige said...

wow these colours are fabulous together. I love the look. Makes me want to get some new bedding....hmmmmmm.....

Kas Australia said...

I was using a bright pink pen last night to do a crossword puzzle and I fell asleep and the pen tip got the pink all over the place. Can anyone tell me a good way to get pen out of cotton bed linen?