Tuesday, 18 January 2011

time for tea

There has been enough of a gap, of the over indulgence of Xmas/ New Year, to start to reconsider making and eating cakes and the like.

To make sure that my cakes look as good as they should I bought this tiered cake stand from here for them. It was reasonably priced and quite sweet. Also I can flat pack it when not in use.

I also use my sweet little heart milk jug by Beverly Hewitt that I bought last year, that makes everything look prettier on the table.

And what should go on this stand? Well the BBC has a new baking series on Monday nights, at 8:30pm called Baking made Easy with a new (to the the TV screen) chef called Lorraine Pascale. She has a very friendly easy going manner, that drew me into the programme. All the recipes from the series are here (thank you BBC).

And of course, my new book by Eric Lanlard, Home Bake. Although I have not forgotten about Rachel Allen's Bake, Jane Ashers Baking book or the wonderful Rustic Fruit Desserts book.

To get me into the swing of things, I made some scones at the weekend. Just a simple recipe, served with raspberry jam and a cup of tea. Sometimes in life the simplest things are the best.


KC'sCourt! said...

Love your cake stand.
The new baking series is excellent and you're right it does draw you in
Julie xxxxxxxx

Rachel F said...

Not over liking baking made easy. Eric lanlard's Home Bake is much more inspiring for me at the moment but my diet has pit paid to that. Loving the cake stand though, a modern version of mums.