Friday, 28 January 2011


No I am not going to Mexico, but I took my children to a Mexican themed art afternoon, where we learnt some new crafts, and also traditions.

We made Ojos de dios, God's Eye. There are some tutorials about here and elsewhere. All you need is some wooden sticks (lolly sticks/ sugar stirrers) and some yarn.

We also made some easy to make maracas using paper plates, dried beans and selotape/ staples.

And these lovely flags that could be very intricate and lift up any room. All we did was fold some tissue and crepe paper in half, then half again. Fold down the narrowest end over (about 2cm) and then we started to cut shapes out. Unfold and you have your decorated flag. Then put some yarn/ sting fold over the flap and stick down.

This was fun.

I hope all of this has given you some inspiration of some not too messy art projects.

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