Sunday, 27 March 2011

spring sunday

Spring is definitely here, which gives me a very happy feeling inside. It seems like we have had a very long and cold autumn and winter. It is so nice to see the sun, and feel the warmth of it on my skin.

On Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Lisa Lam from U-Handbag. She is so nice, people! She was running a new craft fair in Brighton, called Craftaganza. There were some great stalls, really nice things. Lisa was just overseeing it all, she was not selling any of her bag making things. Lisa and I had a lovely chat. She is very giggly. She is writing her second book, this time there will be 15 projects (not all bags) and it is coming out in 2 parts. The first part is an E book with 3 projects and then the second part (2012) will be the entire thing.

I do plan on making a few of her bags from her book, it's just finding the time and money for the projects I would like to do (namely the gorgeous weekend bag).

But right now, the outside is where it's at! Suddenly a coat is not needed, just a cardigan. Boots have been put away and trainers are back on my feet (soon I hope I shall just be wearing sandals). The bikes have also been in heavy use again this weekend. All the boys were on their bikes.

The park offers many areas of pleasure, like finding a gnawed pine cone. Who has been chewing on it, we wondered.

And some interested new hedging has gone up, with an explanation of how and why it has been done. (thank you local council!)

Look how they split the branches to bend them into place. Not many things can survive being cut in half!

Here is the small growers exhibition garden that had been set up in the park. It is a demonstration to everyone in what you can grow in a small space. This year they have doubled their plot size. It's a very interesting project. Inspirational even!

And then to round off the weekend a nice game of Doodle Dice. Lots of fun, even the little one can play it with my help.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

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