Tuesday, 12 April 2011


For many years I have kept things simple and sleek in my kitchen, all stainless steel and black utensils. A very efficient look indeed.

But as time has gone on I got a bit bored with the austere look and wanted to brighten up my cooking. Not one to replace things just because I see something prettier, I have just added to my arsenal of utensils when I have had an actual need.

The red spoon and the green pastry brush are my latest additions, I have a few non scratch saucepans, so that has been useful. I wasn't sure whether the pastry brush would be any good, but it worked a treat when I applied an egg wash the other week.

The yellow bowl is my salad bowl (it's white on the inside). I definitely like going for the citrus colours, they cheer me up the most. I have bought most of these lovely colour things from Steamer Trading or Berts Homestore.

My dream bit of colour is a red Kitchenaid mixer : )

Is your kitchen brimming with colourful things, or do you have a thing for shiny stainless steel?!

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