Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Last weekend we had some good friends to stay, a wonky witch and a zombie lover! They came to support a family member running in the Brighton Marathon. They have 2 children, their youngest was only born in January.

As a present for the baby, I made him a quilt. I used the left over fabric from my son's Castle Peeps Quilt, and designed a quilt for him.

I can finally do a reveal:

For my son's quilt I used the pattern that Lizzy House made up. For this quilt I was inspired by other Castle Peeps Quilts I had seen on Flickr and other places. I measured all the fabric that I had left over, and designed the pattern so it used up all the fabric. (it was quite a headache due to the lack of peace and quiet in our house)

I didn't have enough fabric to do a traditional binding, so I sewed round the edges with 2 parallel rows of straight stitching. (the batting is enclosed as I sewed it right sides together and then flipped it to the right side out, and then I did the 2 rows of edge stitching.) I chose the diamond quilting design, as I felt that fitted in with the "medieval" look of the fabric.

I am very happy with this quilt.

Here's a reminder of my original quilt (from the Lizzy House pattern) :

I still have my eldest son's quilt to do. I'm not in a rush with that. And I have 2 quilt tops to either stick together or do 2 quilts from (they are from the Midwest Modern fabric range by Amy Butler) again, no rush!

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Wonky Witch Needlecraft said...

this wonky witch feels very blessed that my son was the lucky recipient of this beautiful quilt... of course, I'll now have to re-design his room to match the colours ;)