Wednesday, 16 November 2011

falling light

The clocks have gone back and in the 20 minutes since I turned the PC on it's now dark. I caught the last of the day's light to take the photos below. With the cold winter weather coming my mind has turned to warm and snug things to wear. When I came across this book, Northern Lights by Lucinda Guy. I had to buy it as I had fallen in love with the Hulda Pullover and the Twined Socks.

The book takes inspiration from northern European countries Scandinavia, Iceland and the Shetland Isles.

The Hulda Pullover is in the Icelandic section of the book, so I found this shop, and bought my yarn from it.

My yarn came in a dizzying selection of colours, but I followed the exact shades from the book, as that is what makes it, I think.

The reds that go just around the base of the jumper, which lift it.

I love these oh so subtle changes from off white up to black in the yarn selection. This is what makes the stripes so lovely in this jumper with the gradual gradation of colour.

Now have I actually got any time to make it? Not really!

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