Friday, 4 November 2011

getting organised

My handbag has become a bit of a mess, with my essentials fighting to be found with everything else. I have been very generous, and purchased a few new items to sort my life out. First up is a new purse, as my old one (5 years hard service) is falling apart. I spent more than I normally would, but decided it's used daily and is something that I want to look nice. It's a Radley trifold purse, with plenty of room for everything.

The next item I bought was a card holder for all those reward cards that I have ruining my current purse. Nothing more frustrating when I don't have my reward card on me.

Next up were some zip bags from zpm to keep hold of my pens, hair brush and nail file and other female items that I don't want the world to know about!

I feel all smug now with my new found order!

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