Thursday, 8 November 2007

Autumn Leaves

We have been doing lots of Autumny things, picking leaves and seeds (acorns and conkers and sycamore seeds). So we have had a few make and do sessions (myself and our 4 3/4 year old) and have come up with some leaf prints and a leaf inspired felt garland (I saw a few on the web), now proudly hung in his bedroom. All we did to make it was draw out some leaf shapes with tailor's chalk onto the felt, cut it out, make 2 little parallel cuts on the leaf, using scissors, and then threaded ribbon through. V simple.

My blog name, Make and Do, is inspired by Doodle Do an arts and crafts programme on Cbeebies.

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MrsB said...

Hi Claire, Thankyou so much for your kind gift, they are so lovely, You put a big smile on my face, it was so kind of you. I love the bag and purse, they are great and I have hung the little heart in the bathroom to make it smell nice! Thankyou again, it was a lovely gesture. I could try and send you a cake in the post to say thanks! :)