Wednesday, 21 November 2007

From Cakes to Pirates

Cake bit:
I don't think I have mentioned this, but in October I started a cake decorating evening class. I felt it was time to improve my efforts for my children's birthday cakes. Anyway, our first project is decorating an Xmas Cake (I used the Delia Smith recipe for an 8" cake - you can't go wrong with Delia, IMO.) We are following our teacher's design, which is quite traditional. A tree, to be decorated with Xmas Roses, Holly, Ivy and Red berries. I had to make some at home, as I'm never going to get it all done in the class, I'm not that fast at doing it. But I am enjoying it very much.

Pirate Bit:
And I am going to aim to turn this:

Into this:

Yes the wool just arrived, in the end I had to cancel the Navy yarn, and find another shop who actually had it in stock, instead of pretending they did!!! Is it that hard to update your website, or advise customers of stock issues??? Never mind, it's here, and I shall get knitting tomorrow. I'm knitting a few sizes bigger than I need for my son, as I'm going to take my time!!! I've never done anything like this before, you see. Any comments/ advice very much appreciated.


MrsB said...

Hi claire, I love the fact that you attend a cake decorating class, i 'd love to do something like that, i once looked into doing one of those week long classes where you learn all the different techniques but so far haven't got round to it! Hope your enjoying, i'll look forward to your reports on it! :)

craftyclaire said...

Thank you, yes it's going well. My teacher, is quite elderly, so she only does 2 terms per year. Which is such a shame. There is another teacher so I might switch to her for the summer term, if she does that on. I found it hard to find a course in Brighton, which is a shame, aseveryone attending is having a great time.

Angela-Brambleberries said...

Hi Claire, the cake looks like it's going to be fantastic, no tips on knitting it's not really my thing (i'm not fast enough at it and I like quick results)

Good luck with the course.

Angela xx

MrsB said...

How's the pirate jumper coming along? I think it is quite hard to find cake decorating classes, I looked for an evening class in London and struggled to find one! I sometimes buy the sugarcraft magazine, it's full of great tips and ideas. Have a lovely weekend!

craftyclaire said...

Thanks for the Sugarcraft magazine tip, will go and get one from Smiths. Jumper going ok so far!