Thursday, 1 November 2007

Crumpets, Warm Jumpers, Vests, Bonfires and Fireworks!

I'm probably not even going to touch on half the things in my title, but I was just thinking what November means to me. My birthday is on the 5th, which is Guy Fawkes Day, so I do love November. Except, for the last few years, it doesn't seem cold enough. (Global Warming - do watch the Al Gore film - An Inconvient Truth if you can).

Anyway I can't help thinking of knitting and my lovely set of knitting needles from Cath Kidston that I got a few months ago, and that I picked up a book, that I have been looking at for well over a year now, in the local library called Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor and thinking a bit of knitting might just soothe away all my hours of sewing, as this would be for my youngest son and not for sale! Although he has only just turned 1, I will be knitting it a few sizes bigger. This is because I have never knitted anything like this before, and feel I need the time to get it done. Plus I don't want him in and out of it in 3 months! I do like the jumper on the front cover with the star, but I'm actually going for the pirate sweater, as my first project, using more than 1 colour! (My blanket I knitted was slightly different so doesn't count as knitting with many colours). I've just had a look on the web for comments on peoplemaking the pirate sweater, and now I' put off!! No I will give it a whirl. My biggest annoyance is the price of yarn (it'll cost c £26 to buy) Knitting is not cheap.
I've still got to do my doorstop tutorial and crack on with my bag too. I think I'm going to give the sewing machine a rest. My husband is away in 2 weeks time, so I'll probably get it out then. He was moaning quite a lot about it being permantly out!
Anyway, this weekend there'll be fireworks, bonfires and toffee apples all round the country, and the odd burning of a Guy (although that doesn't seem to happen as much as it used to).
I'm actually wearing a t-shirt right now, no vest or jumper in sight!!!

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MrsB said...

Hi Claire,

I tried to send you an email this morning but it came back failed! Could you please try and write it again, or i could give you mine and then you send me an email? Have a lovely weekend x