Monday, 7 July 2008

Pirates Ahoy!

Today is Pirate Day at my eldest son's school. Luckily he has a full compliment of Pirate costume - so I didn't have to worry about that.

Parents were asked to sign up to bring in food, I opted for fairy cakes, as usual. I baked them yesterday morning. Iced them with white icing in the afternoon, then after Wimbledon I iced skull & crossbones on with black icing. I was pleased with how they came out. I'm sure the children will be happy with them!

Other yummy food I made this weekend, were some scrummy chocolate brownies from my new Scoop ice cream book. The recipe was good as it asked for Cocoa Powder, rather than a bar of dark chocolate. But they tasted just as heavenly and came out really nicely. Cracked on top yet sticky and moist on the inside.


Cara said...

Hey - that looks a really interesting ice cream book. Is it any good? Why no photo of the fairy cakes too! :D

craftyclaire said...

Hi Cara, Thanks for your comment.I have yet to make any icecream from the book, the weather is putting me off - put it this way, I made a very wintery dinner last night after being cold and wet all day long!!! I will report if and when I do make some icecream. The book was only £3 or £4 from the book people.

Cara said...

Fairy cakes look ace!!

My feeling on the weather is to s*d it! I've made 5 tubs of icecream this month alone.... The yummiest yet was Strawberry. I stuck the central heating on, on Wednesday and tucked up with a knickerbocker glory!!! :D

RachFin said...

Pirate fairy cakes look great.
I'll have some delicious home made icecream when I visit please