Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Writing for Boys

In the UK, children start formal school at the age of 4. Which is 2/3 years earlier than many other countries. Plus there has been no proof that we do better for starting school so young.

Anyway, my eldest is nearly at the end of his first year of school, called Reception Year, where they try to level out all the children's knowledge to get them on a level playing field, so to speak. They are all taught to read and write. Clearly, as individuals, they will all pick this up to differing degrees.

We have been pleased with his reading progress, it's come along in fits and starts, so I've run schemes to keep him motivated - eg sticker charts, with a reward once it is completed, a book obviously!

Lately his writing could be improved. And my son has never been keen on writing, so this is quite a challenge to get him to do it.

But yesterday I came up witha genious idea!!! My 5 yr old son, is always asking for things from me. So I told him all requests from now on have to be written to me. He loves it!!! He writes a question, I help him with spelling if he needs it, and then I write my answer, which he then reads and so on!!

This morning he did write "Can I throw (my brother) away?" To which I responded NO!!!!

We'll see how it goes, but just to get him writing is quite an achievement, and I'm rather pleased with my latest plan!! I doubt it'll last too long, but I'll see how it goes! If anyone else has ideas for encouraging reading & writing, I would love to know. Plus if you are not from the UK, what age did your child start school??

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Hen said...

My stepson has just finished Year 1 so a little bit older than yours. Luckily, he quite likes writing. I find it helps if they have nice little note books and pencils which they then like using (decorated with their fave thing of the moment). Also, when we go on holidays, I get him to write a bit each day about what he's done then when we get home, he turns it into a scrapbook (he loves cutting and sticking 'cos it's messy), adds some photos and then takes it into school to show everyone.
Helen x