Friday, 25 July 2008

School's Out!

Well school finished on Wednesday, so I don't know how much making, doing and blogging I will be able to do.

I have a few mammouth projects I want to do. Not sure I will get all of them done!

And then I saw another project I like, the ripple blanket which involves crochet (I don't know how you do that) but I think that will definitely be put on hold as I've got too many balls in the air already!

On the upside, my eldest read the whole of book 2b - all 50 pages last night. We're very proud of him, hopefully we'll get through the sets through the holidays.


RachFin said...

He's a star.

Circe said...

Hi Claire!
I've just realised that you left a comment on my blog and I didn't answer. Sorry about that!
Unfortunately, I haven't listed anything on my etsy page for ages. When I do, I'll sen you a link, yeah? If there's anything in particular you'd like, of course you can always drop me a line anytime:
Sarah :)