Sunday, 13 July 2008

Summer Fair Scrummy & Yummy Cakes

Today is my son's school fair, so I have made 22 fairy cakes, iced up in glorious shades and designs, topped off by smarties, who wouldn't want to eat them!! (i use colour pastes from sugarcraft shops -sugarflair and wilson- that way you et a really deep colour with just a drop of paste)

For adults, I've also made Lemon cake and some brownies. So I feel suitably armed when I enter the playground!

It should be really good, last year there was a Dalek you could have your photo next to. How cool is that!!!??


No Daleks, but plenty of Star Wars characters. My son was too scared to have his picture with them.

At least Superman was on hand to keep them in line!

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Christy said...

hmm cute cupcakes! can i have one? ;-)