Saturday, 2 May 2009


I have moaned about this for long enough on this blog, plus to my family, that I have gone and bought a new sewing machine.

I have a lovely sewing machine shop in Brighton, who gave me great service, so after a lot of looking up on the internet, comparing makes and models (it's not easy, is it?) I have gone for a Janome Model DC4100! It costs £470, which I thought offered good value for money for all the features you get with it. The main thing for me, is a reliable machine, that sews consistently well and has a variety of dress and quilt making functions.
I like the automatic buttonholes it does. You also don't have to use a pedal if you don't want to! It can elongate stitches and has a stitch memory. Plus an alphabet. And speed control.

The man said they have only had this model in the shop for 10 days, he went to get me his last machine, and he'd already sold it, so due to the Bank Holiday, I should get it either Wednesday or Thursday! The shop also have a free 2 year servicing service, I can take the machine in as often as I want, to get it cleaned up. He reckons every 6 months, unless I've done a big job and it needs a thorough clean! Then I can buy a servicing contract from them.

This is certainly going to move me on a bit in what I'm able to achieve, so I'm pretty excited!

Hopefully you won't hear me moaning about this machine!


KC'sCourt! said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make next. Looks very professional. Is it one of those electronic ones that does embroidery?

KL said...

How nice to have a new machine. I'm jealous! I've been contemplating replacing my ancient Jones (c. 1981), but just paid for a service, and it's running fine at present, so maybe next year. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with this one, as I was thinking maybe Janome next.

craftyclaire said...

Thank you. It isn't one of those uber fancy embroidery ones, that you can hook up to the net, but it has a reasonable range of embroidery stitches, to give nice decorative touches! I think the alphabet may come in handy, (school uniform!) but we'll see.
My old machine is c8 years old, and was pretty basic, and can't do what I want it to. The guy at the shop is of the opinion that Janome is now better than Bernina is terms of reliability, quaility of work and value for money! He said colleges now buy in Janomes for students to use. He does sell Bernina as well, but his money was on Janome. He didn't even show me the brothers/ elnas/ singers that he also stocked!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I bet you have a needle threader too...
my favorite feature by far!
Lately, I have been visiting some machines that don't have a needle threader. not fun.
I had 2 Janomes before I bought my
congrats on your new machine!

craftyclaire said...

Thank you for all of your kind comments. My new machine is making me very happy indeed!