Monday, 11 May 2009

Sewing Machine Joy!

I picked up my new machine last Thursday and took my time to read the manual before getting it out. It can certainly do a lot more than my old machine.

I first tried a few of the 225 stitches! I'm quite impressed with the range of those! Although it took me a few days to realise where the pictures were for those stitches were, they flip up at the front of the machine!

I was a little overwhelmed by all the different feet it has, and facilities, so I took a few days before I started a project.

The first thing I did was repair a pair of jeans, that needed hemming, as they were too long and had frayed at the bottom. First I used the over edging stitch, to stop any fraying and then hemmed them using a 3 line stitch, it all looked very good. I have another pair I also need to do.

Then I got out my Emmeline apron, that has been pushed to one side, as I ignored it. (Oh the embarrassment, I started this last June!) I started to redo what I had ripped out and pretty much finished it off, I just need to do some hand stitching tonight and a good iron, then it's ready for used in the kitchen!

I then knew exactly how much fabric I had over from that project (I made a bit of an error when I bought it, so had to go back and get more!) And I started another smocked sundress for my niece. All I need to do is add the straps and hem the top and it's done. The new machine smocked it beautifully! I need a project for my younger niece, as I can't send one something without making something for the other. I think a small apron, for when she's helping in the kitchen!

Oh and the husband asked me to mend 2 pockets in his shorts (I patched them!)

I will start quilting my quilt tomorrow. As the baby will be born this week. My friend is 10 days over already!


KL said...

You've been busy! I broke the reverse lever on my machine on Saturday, but I fixed it again with superglue (it's not the first time!). I feel I'm also a step closer to a new machine, so am watching with interest to find out what your Janome can do. Incidentally, what size needle did you use for the denim?

craftyclaire said...

I think it was a 100/16 size and it went through with no problems. Amazing!

So far I'm really pleased, I like the computer screen, as it tells you what feet you need for certain stitches and so on.

Plus it's a lot faster and quieter than my old machine.