Monday, 18 May 2009

Three Fabrics, Three Ways!

I have finally (nearly finished) my Emmeline apron! Just a few hand stitches up the sides, to finish it off! (Will do that this week).

Once I had almost finished the apron, I could see what fabric I had over from the project. Unusually it was a lot! This was because I had bought the wrong amount, so had to go back to the fabric store and buy more! Oops!

With my new ethos being to use all the fabric I have and turn it into things (clothes, bags, other items) rather than letting it take up valuable space in my cupboards. I had to get rid of it in the nicest way possible! My ethos is making me be more ruthless about fabric I have bought, and be more proactive into getting my jobs done. (plus my new machine is very persuasive!)

I knew the fabrics would make a lovely dress for my eldest niece. I used the Heather Ross Weekend Sewing directions again. Very simple and quick. The cuts of fabric that I had, meant I had to do a striped dress, but I think that works in its favour? I also hemmed it with the fabric turned over at the bottom (idea from Oliver & S website). My husband then said what was I doing for my youngest niece. I did not have a definite plan, as I did not have enough fabric but the idea of an apron was going round in my head (not as complex as the Emmeline). I used a child's apron as a template, again I only had pieces of fabric, so had to sew it in blocks. However, I think this works to its advantage. I used a piece of ribbon with a blue flower on it to cover up the seam and also use as the ties. I also put on a pocket, that I had appliqued my niece's initial on to. The straps round the head, I had to sew strips of fabric together, but I like that patchwork charm it gives it! I really am pleased how everything has turned out.

I am really pleased with my 3 items, and I know they are all going to get a lot of use and love!
Do click on the photos to see the fabrics, it's quite hard to see in these small pictures!

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