Thursday, 2 July 2009

Virtual Quilting Bee

I'm sure if you read sewing blogs, you may have seen some bloggers that participate in virtual quilting bees. This is where you have 12 members, and each month one member sends out their fabric choices to the 11 others, they in turn make a block (measuring a designated size) and post it back. The beauty of this, is that everyone will have a different take on how they like to do things, and so on. The Member whose month it is usually shares some inspiration for her quilt, to give guidance.

So far all these bees have been in America, Block Party, Cottage Quilting Bee, Virtual Quilting Bee, and probably many more.

So it has occured to me (now I have made 2 quilts!) that I should I set up one here, in the UK (possibly Europe if postage is the same). If you are interested in doing some sewing, over the course of a year, then let me know. Even if you have never made a quilt before, this could be a good way in. Use up your fabric scraps, and make some new friends!

I look forward to hearing from you!


A few people have contacted me (big smile) and want some clarification of the rules, so here they are:

1. 12 members

2. Each month this happens: One member (A) supplies the other 11 members (B, C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L) with fabric that they need to make 1 block .

3. Those 11 people (B-L) then post their block back to A. (who now has 11 lovely blocks, and needs to make their own!)

4. The following month, the next person in line has their turn. They send out the fabric to 11 people, those people make a block, and post it back to the person who sent them the fabric.

5. Each person should specify the style of block and size, ie log cabin, a picture of a house, texture etc and provide visual examples via a weblink through email or flickr or a blog.

6. We can document our blocks via flickr group or a new blog that only us (12 members) have access to.

7. Hopefully we will all make a quilt and can post our finished piece on our group site as well as our own blogs!

8. If this is as clear as mud, then please ask me specific questions!

However, please do join up!


KC'sCourt! said...

I think I might be interested.

Anonymous said...

I am not too sure how it works - but it sounds interesting.

craftyclaire said...

I will add further explanation!

KL said...

Hello Claire, thanks for the extra clarification, and yes, I would be interested :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love to join in.

craftyclaire said...

So far there are 5 of us, if anyone knows anyone who would be interested, please ask them!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I would also be interested - I've just finished my first quilt and have really enjoyed the process!