Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beautiful Things

This post is not about me, but about things I've found, and would like!

This is a print of a papercut map of London, I think it is fabulous. As a born and bred Londoner I would love this. A nice reminder of how cool the capital is.

Even though I have made fabric bunting, the more decoration, the better, for parties and birthdays. How lovely are these papercut banners?

Lately I've been thinking of how to redo the boy's bedroom, as I hate it. I would like to smarten it up, make it more inspiring. Give it more interest. These posters are wonderful.

Love the family tree, I think this could be a lovely present for the boys, as they are far away from their family.
And lovely tape to wrap presents up with.

What I love is the handmade nature of all the designs, and the attention to detail. They look fantastic.

All these fabulous items are from Famille Summerbelle you can order online from them, or buy from other stockists.

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