Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shine A Light

I've been window shopping, well net browsing, and have found yet more gorgeous things for your eyes to gaze at! They can all be found at Radiance, a lighting shop in Hebden Bridge, but you can buy online as well!

These tea lights are my FAVOURITE thing (I'm hoping someone I know is reading this and feeling generous!) I love the heart, so sweet. They and the hanging vases are by a ceramist called Wendy Jung. Very talented lady.

These light pulls are by Lorraine Ditchburn, I don't need any, as I only have push switches! But what a nice touch, if you do!

This is for the floral lover! It looks so delicate, it's by Colin Chetwood.

These two lovely lamps are made by the Radiance owner, Hannah Nunn, what a talented lady. I do like the houses. Very nice, indeed!

This shade is by Helen Rawlinson. It appeals to the mother in me!

This table lamp is by Mibo , some great designs.
And this amazing ceramic butterfly shade, surely a piece of art, as much as a practical object is made by Mixko.

And last, but not least a lovely hare by Helen Minns.

Well, if I had more cash, I would quite easily be online shopping at Radiance tonight! So inspirational. No more lampshades from Ikea and Habitat! It's all really beautiful.


Hannah Nunn said...


I notced there was a bit of trffic coming from your lovely blog so thought I'd come and have a look. THANKYOU so much for featuring all these things! It was a very nice suprise!!!xxx

craftyclaire said...

Hi, I'll be up in Yorkshire in August, so I'l be coming to your shop in Hebden Bridge with my sister, hopefully!

Carolyn said...

What a fabulous lighting!

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cool led products said...

How magical such lightings are. Yes, Art can be so simple.