Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rustic Fruit Desserts Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful books this Christmas, and thought I would share some of them with you.

I received Rustic Fruit Desserts, which looks so delicious, that I cannot wait to start trying the recipes. It is divided into the seasons which is helpful. Some of the fruits we don't get here in the UK (Pluots, anyone?, Huckleberries?) Still I'm sure you can swap other fruits in.

I am going to try Mimi's German Apple Cake first. That sounds like a nice winter dessert. I have bought some frozen berries to use as well.
I did make 2 of the other recipes in the summer, and they were delicious, which is why I wanted the book.
This is a mega trifle!! I'm not a fan of them (as I'm not keen on so much cream and custard) but that does look pretty.
A Rhubarb fool sounds nice on a summer's day. I love the tartness of rhubarb.

I also adore cherries, although my husband does not! I may well be tempted if I have friends over to make that.

I'm pretty excited about trying out the various recipes in this book. I have high hopes!!!

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