Sunday, 10 January 2010


Meet Vlad our snowman we built in a local wood. Although the snow isn't very deep, here in town, it was more than sufficient a few miles north, on higher ground.

After a lovely walk, admiring the other worldliness of a snow ridden wood, we had a vicious snowball fight, instigated by my husband, then we built Vlad.

He's like no other snowman I've every seen before!!! He's there to ward off evil spirits from the wood!!

But it did all look so fairytale like in the snow, I have to say.

I'm hoping Vlad will raise a smile with the dog walkers who frequent the wood.

I came home and made a lovely minestrone soup for everyone (which obviously the children refused to eat!!! Far too healthy with all the fresh vegetables in it!) that warmed us all up again!

Hope you're having fun in the white stuff!!

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