Friday, 22 February 2008

Bad Luck Comes In 3s

It's all going wrong.

Firstly our flat gets flooded (burst pipe from above) and all our floors with tiles on need to be replaced. As they have all cracked. (luckily we're still covered by the defects period, just)

Secondly, I broke a beautiful, unique Venician glass necklace yesterday, by dropping it the v hard tile floor, in our bathroom.

Thirdly, I dropped my husbands hair serum, glass bottle, from the shelf above our bathroom sink, into the porcelain sink, this morning and cracked that.

Then I banged my head on the wardrobe door. The youngest hurt himself.

It's all going wrong, wrong, wrong. I didn't want to count further than 3, as that makes it all even worse.

The only good thing (after we've forked out £100s) is that I could buy a sink that sits on a cupboard, rather than a useless pedestal, that we have. I'll try to look for the silver lining.


TriGirl Thea said...

Poor you!

The good news is that good luck comes in threes too.

Chin up sweetpea. :D


craftyclaire said...

Thank you
That's v sweet of you.