Thursday, 7 February 2008

One Extra

My amarylis doesn't want to stop, it seems to be growing a new flower. It's nice to get something that I hadn't bargained for.(photo will come later today!- or a lot lot later!!!!!)

I also thought I'd show you my duck, that I bought in Scotland, a few years ago, in a lovely gift/ housewares shop in I think Falkland (we'd just been to the Palace). We don't have anywhere suitable to put it in our apartment, but we do our best from letting it get broken. I usually don't like "tat" and "shmaydrays" and ornamounts but I seem to have a weak spot for birds and ducks! Although this is the only duck I own. Although many years ago in York, in a lovely gallery shop, my now husband and I used to covet these ceramic dogs, which were so artistic and gorgeous and handmade. But they were hundreds of pounds so we never got one of those. Luckily the duck was something like £12. (photo later today! - sorry v v late with this)

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