Saturday, 2 February 2008


Today I made one of my favourite soups, it's easy peasy from Ken Hom's Hot Wok book, just chinese leaves, mushrooms, stock, spring onions, chilli, s+p and coriander leaves. V V nice, plus you can add rice, noodles to give it more oomph!

I'm thinking about baking a Marmalade cake from Jane Asher's book, that I got at Xmas. I keep reading it, and getting a very hungry tummy!! Time to test it out I think! I'm also planning, in my head, a cake for Valentine's Day (the decorative bit) I want to do a stacked cake, but there's only 2 of us (plus 2 children) so it seems a bit excessive!!! I just want the practice!!! I have to get round to drawing it out on paper.

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