Monday, 4 February 2008

How About Orange?

Have you ever noticed how a certain colour can creep into your life? Even a colour that you detested as a child? I even like my children wearing this colour!

I've always avoided orange, but over the last few years I've started to build a fondness for it. It started with a plastic cup from Habitat for my son. (Orange was his favourite colour at the time, wih green).

Then I recently decided to get colourful kitchen accessories, when I had to replace anything.

And low and behold it was orange that caught my eye, not pink, too girly and obvious, not blue, just not right, but orange nice and cheerful.

Then, my faithful pink purse has had enough of being crammed full of change, receipts, advantage cards and so on and started to fall apart on me. Time for a new purse, I could have had black, purple, brown but once again orange seemed just right! (Purse from Oasis)

We need a rug and some cushions in our living room, it's all dark brown (sofa, bookcase) and I keep thinking a citrusey colour would work well. We'll have to see if I have the courage of my convictions!

PS I just wanted to credit Jess from the How About Orange blog for my cheeky title! If you like orange, she's the person to read!


the aesthetic onion said...

I'm partial to orange, mainly because I went to Oregon State University. So of course I had to eat here when I saw the restaurant.

peskyKat said...

Oooh I LOVE your orange purse. Off to Oasis!

craftyclaire said...

Thank you, I'm v pleased with it. My last purse from Oasis lasted at least 6 years - although it was looking a bit battered by the end of it's well used life!!!