Friday, 7 March 2008


Today is my eldest's son's birthday. He is 5! I baked the cake on Wednesday night (tripled my usual chocolate sandwich cake mixture!) and baked 2 round cakes and 1 square cake.
Last night (Thursday) my husband and I started the decorating. We now have a lovely tradition in our house, of I bake and do any frosting stuff and he carves and covers the cake and does the key decorating for all the children's birthday cakes. I decided to do a cyberman cake (from Doctor Who).

So starting just past 9pm we got going. I coloured the regallice, a grey colour. Mixed together some chocolate butter cream, to stick it all together! Husband started carving the cake to get the main shape. Then I rolled the icing out, he cut it and decorated the cake. He did a great job. I then mixed up some royal icing, coloured that grey, and we used that for the eyes and mouth. I'm really really pleased with the result. We finished just before 11pm!! I do have a lot of cake left over, all cut into bits where my husband carved it out. Better to have too much than too little though!

This is the foundations of the cake.

The finished thing, more photos on flickr (click over there - >)

Then this morning the Birthday Boy was up at 5am, I got up at 6am and made gingerbread biscuits for his class mates. He wanted a #5, which I did, but my cutter is small, so I look really mean! I only had time to cut out 30, otherwise I would have done 60, so they could have had 2 each!

I'm having 6 of his friends over for an after school party. I've done the party bags (wooden compass, mini chocolate eggs, B-day cake, and a styrofoam kit aeroplane). We're eating first; cheese and jam sandwiches, veggies, breadsticks, dips, olives, hula hoops, jelly and icecream. Then some crafting, they're decoating foam crowns with foam letters and shapes inspired by here. Then some party games (pass the parcel, musical statues, sleeping tigers) Then hopefully home time! I'll be shattered. At this age, all they want is the party bag!

We bought the Birthday Boy a knight's dressing up outfit. It's pretty cool, although the sword is a danger (I'm sure it'll become part of his collection of WMD that remain on top of wardrobes for months!)

It's fantastic to be 5!!!


TriGirl Thea said...


He's a lucky,lucky boy!

And your son is too!


peskycat said...

Ah looking forward to seeing the piccies.
It's my little one's 2nd birthday today. He got a homemade Thomas cake from his nana.

craftyclaire said...

It's nice to be able to have homemade cake. I don't think I could do it without my husband!

Happy Birthday to your son, as well!

Ravenhill said...

You are one fantasicly creative baker! Wow, quite the fantasy cake for your special boy.

MrsB said...

What a cool cake, it looks a perfect shape, i bet the birthday boy just loved it! Hope you enjoy the party, i used to love party bags when I was a kid!

craftyclaire said...

Thank you again for all your kind comments, I'll pass them onto my husband, as he did the decoration. I'm v proud of him at the mo!

mytee sooperox said...

Lovely cake! You and your husband did a fantastic job!

My eldest son asked for a cyberman cake for his birthday and you've given me perfect inspiration! My cake will definitely not look as good as yours, but I know how to start now.

craftyclaire said...

Thank you again for all your nice comments.