Thursday, 27 March 2008

Last Class of the Year

Last night was the last cake decorating class of the year, which was very sad. I've really enjoyed the classes for many reasons. Learning a new skill, which has some use to me. Meeting new people with similar interests is always good. Getting out of the house and doing something away from my family (other than my job) is a healthy thing. So it'll be a bit dull on Wednesday nights until September! Although my teacher is hopefully putting an Orchid workshop on one Saturday during June, which I'll go to. Also next year our class will be called Intermediates!!! I don't think I'm worthy of that but it's nice to have a boost!

Our last class was learning carnations which I really enjoyed. I haven't finished mine, as we had to let them dry between layers of petals, but I'll try and do a tutorial, if I have the time in the next few days!

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Anonymous said...

The carnations in your picture are just beautiful. I understand your feelings when a class ends. Are there any more that you can work into your schedule? Could you teach one? That would be so fun to do, don't you think? Bet you'd be good at it!