Saturday, 15 March 2008

Howies are in Brighton!!

Howies are in Brighton for 3 days, with a clearance sale. They go back to Cardigan Bay on Sunday! If you don't know who they are go on their website for some great stuff, mainly organic and ethically made. And always top notch quality.

I bought 1 T-Shirt, 1 Shower Proof Jacket in orange which I had been after for ages! (again what is it about orange?), 1 Pair of Jeans, 1 Jumper. This cost me just over £100. Had I paid full price it would have been £260-£300. So it was a good saving. My husband did even better, he got a coat for £50 which was originally for £200.

To be honest I wish I could pay full price for their clothes, because of the way they conduct and run their business. But I can't afford £100 for jeans! Anyway long live Howies! (will post pics later!)

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