Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter!

I made these easy-peasey-lemon-squeezy chocolate nests with Cadbury's mini eggs in them.

All you need is Shreaded Wheat or Mini Shreaded Wheat and crush it, a bar of Milk Chocolate, melted. Mix the shreaded wheat into the melted chocolate, until desired texture. Put in fairy cake cases, pop 2 or 3 mini eggs on top and put in fridge. Feel successful!

I've also started to make the Pleated Beauty Bag from Bend the Rules Sewing. Will show you the results later!


pushpendra said...

Yellow there, nice stuff....
Keep blogging it quite full of variety of topics in your blog kinda like it.

drizzle said...

I just saw your completed Pleated Beauty Bag on flickr. It looks great! I love is so useful! I enjoyed reading through your blog, keep up the great job

craftyclaire said...

Thank you both for your encouraging words, it's nice to see some new faces reading my blog.

Please do leave comments as it's a nice encouragement.